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Halo Project
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Let’s spread light in quarantine

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Whether you’re solo, six feet apart, or across the country, here are a few fun ways to connect and uplift each other.

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A textable way to brighten someone’s day

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Send a custom message, then see the light from your Spark brighten the map of Covid-19!

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Daily ideas for pumping creativity into caring

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A mix of little things to show care and pass time together.

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Help make the world’s largest random pact of kindness!

Add your photo and a story to the chain 
of people committing to continue uplifting each other — pandemic or not.

We've got more in the works!

Stay tuned! Get in touch if you have ideas, feedback, or just want to chat.

Stay safe and keep taking care!

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Pluto is a Boston-based MIT-grown AI startup.

We created The Halo Project to bring some smiles and relief during Covid.

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