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A mix of little things to show care and pass time together.

To get an idea every day:
Text HEART to 213-423-HALO

This works in the U.S & Canada for now.
For our international friends, click here.

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To help with weekend-in plans: “The Favorite Movies of 30 Famous People”

Share flick picks from Obama to Bieber… there’s something for all! 🍿 🎬


It’s Friday
It’s a new month
It’s time for a virtual hug
Wherever you are,

here’s one from us to you.

Pass one on 🤗


Flower Supermoon tonight & tomorrow! Peak illumination: 6:45amET tmrw morn 🌚

The moon might be far away, but tonight it’s brighter and closer (kinda like all of us #inthistogether :)

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To brighten anyone’s Monday:
🐙 Entrancing livestream of jellyfish

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There are more words for “love” than there are languages in the world.

Here’s a list of 28 ways to express love from across the globe. ♥

Pick one and share with someone you like -- from platonic to romantic, there’s a word for it all.

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For a laugh this Sat night, here’s a 3min re-make of the Friends theme song, quarantine-edition:

“I’ll be there for you… standing 6ft away...”

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A textable way to brighten someone’s day

Send a custom message to someone you care about. Then see the light from your Spark brighten the map of Covid!


Pluto is a digital companion in early beta testing. We help turn thoughtful intentions into action.

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We created The Halo Project to bring immediate relief to the distance felt from Covid-19.

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