a text-based social assistant 

Manage the relationships you care about and be more intentional with the people in your life. 

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Too often we prioritize all that we have going on except the people we care about most, our friends and family.


Pluto is for you if you care about being thoughtful, but also have a lot going on. Pluto is designed to help you be more intentional with the relationships you care about. 


Pluto gives you reminders + recommendations tailored to your unique relationships and timed to fit into your lifestyle



Tailored to your style and your unique relationships. Not one size fits all.

100% SMS Text-Based.

Nothing to download or maintain.

Complete control over the data you provide. No additional access required.



Unlike a rigid calendar reminder, Pluto knows it’s better to suggest you send that “good luck on your interview!” text while brushing your teeth in the morning vs. when you’re in the rush of morning meetings. 


Pluto can tell you how many weeks since you spoke with a good friend … to text your brother his motivational song before his big interview … to remind you to send Mom’s favorite champagne the week before her birthday.


Pluto is designed to amplify you and help you take action on your own intentions. It’s OK you’re busy, but for the sake of those we love and for ourselves, let’s stop letting the little things slip. If you too want to be more intentional about the people you care about, even while you have a lot going on, say “Hey” to Pluto. 



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