Our Mission

Pluto is a Boston-based MIT-grown AI startup founded to revive true connection by preserving, creating and celebrating the little things that sustain strong relationships.


Our product is in early beta tests, but we’ve shifted our focus to try to be of help NOW through these mind-spinning times.

We started The Halo Project as a collection of lightweight ways to connect and uplift others during social distancing. They are quick, simple, fun, and intended to help you to show care for others and yourself.

We believe we can stay close even if we can’t get close — by sharing knowledge, encouragement, memories, and delight. We want to support one another now, more than ever.

We’re looking forward to making space together and staying in (sanitized) orbit with you :-)

Shana and the Plutonauts
CEO + CoFounder of Pluto

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.”


Wondering why we’re

called Pluto?

Half of the planet is in the shape of a heart. Pluto may be far away, but it has a lot of love to give.

We bring you back into orbit with the things you care most about.

Work with us

Meet the team

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Boston, MA
remote during corona!
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