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Sparks On Sparks

Spread light together to fight the dark ✨😷💪🤟

To brighten someone's day:

👉 Text SPARK to 213-423-4256

Receive a text with a prompt

Fill in the blank

Get a custom card back in seconds to share

You'll also help grow the map of light above 🌎

"Add your light to the sum of lights" 

**This works in the U.S & Canada for now, for our international friends, click here

Caring in Quarantine

More ideas, resources, inspiration to give others a boost 🚀❤

Things to do together while apart 🤝

Enjoy experiences and create memories together, no matter where you are

Host a remote movie critics night

The worst thing after watching a good movie is having no one to talk about it with! Get your group to pick a movie to stream, watch it, then discuss! Need inspo? Our team’s list: Casablanca, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Parasite.


Thoughtfulness everywhere 🗞

Moments of kindness and light from around the globe 

Group 91.png

A former homeless man turns his car dealership into a shelter in North Carolina

Never forget where you came from, even when you have nowhere to go.

Ways you can take action to do good 💪

Be there for others even from your living room 

Get chatty—call a home-bound senior


Social isolation reduces longevity wellness. So this NYC community is asking for a friendly call for help.


Packages of care whether near or far 📦

A roundup of little things we've exchanged physically & virtually... 

Send comfort food


Grow the love they feel by adding some oomph to their lovehandles ;-) Send a cronut, a twinkie, or these pies on sale.


A note from our team


Welcome! We built this site because we want to support one another now, more than ever. We believe we can stay close even if we can’t get close — by sharing knowledge, encouragement, memories, and delight. 


We aren't making light of something serious, but we think some light-heartedness can alleviate the weight of a situation so you can care for others and yourself. 

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” Thoreau

Looking forward to making some space together and staying in (sanitized) orbit with one another :-) 

Shana + the Plutonauts

CEO + CoFounder of Pluto


Pluto is a Boston-based MIT-grown AI startup with a product in early beta tests, but we’ve shifted our focus to try to be of help NOW through these mind-spinning times. 


Wondering why our company is aptly called Pluto? Half of Pluto is in the shape of a heart …. Pluto may be far, far away. but it has a lot of love. We bring you back into orbit.

Got something to share?

Send us your ideas, inspiration, and stories of caring from afar by emailing us at